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A Beautiful Tradition
The custom of the wedding cake began with dessert buns stacked in a tower of sweet wishes for the bride and groom. And your wedding cake should be just as legendary. It's the centerpiece of your first celebration as a wedded couple, symbolic of how beautiful your life will be together.

Selecting the Perfect Cake
When choosing your cake, first consider how many guests you expect. For design, consider the proportions of the reception site. The more formal the hall, the grander the cake; a cake featured in an outdoor setting would be more casual.Vaulted Ceilings require a tall cake, but a towering confection overwhelms an intimate gathering.

Remember, the cake is a star at the reception—coordinate cake colors with those of the hall, not just the bridal party attire. The shape, of course, is what you prefer: round or square. Display the cake on a table large enough to show it off and still have room for floral accents, greenery and a special cake knife. Make a real presentation by adding ribbons and confetti.

We will create for you a delicious experience that both you and your guests will thoroughly remember.

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